Why 加尔维斯顿 County?

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加尔维斯顿 County, Texas: Where the economic power of Greater Houston meets the sea.

With a stable and diverse economy and just 25 miles south of downtown Houston, the region is supported by strong infrastructure, exceptional leadership, quality commercial and industrial developments.

+, as the coastal region of Greater Houston, we enjoy all the benefits of living in the fifth-largest city in the US, while enjoying a coastal Texas experience. It is no wonder that 加尔维斯顿 County is such a great place to live and do business.

Our natural location includes 加尔维斯顿 Bay on our east, the Gulf of Mexico, the Intracoastal 水way on our south, Houston to our north. These assets have helped the county rank as the Best County for Outdoor Activities in Texas, give our residents an opportunity for extraordinary quality of life.

加尔维斯顿 County has a world-class transportation infrastructure that incorporates an interstate, multiple state highways, two deep-water ports, 四个铁路, a local airport. (The county is also served by 爱好机场, Ellington Spaceport immediately to our north.)

The region’s low cost of business includes electric rates that are below the national average, with unionization and unemployment insurance among the lowest in the U.S.

加尔维斯顿 County boasts an educated and talented workforce. 更重要的是, twelve thousand people in the county work at our colleges and universities — six times the national average!

Recruiting your desired workforce is easier here, with internationally-renown culture and recreation.

Your employees’ can stretch their dollar further in 加尔维斯顿 County with an affordable cost of living — nearly 8 percent lower than the national average.

We respect that your firm has specific needs and the 加尔维斯顿 County Economic Development is here to help.

Whether you’re a manufacturer that needs logistical access to our ports, or if you’re a financial firm that seeks a pipeline of talent, 加尔维斯顿 County offers myriad cost-effective locations.

For site location projects, 加尔维斯顿 County is the single point of contact for the process. From the very start, we can assist your real estate search throughout our localities, adding value to the search at no cost to your bottom line.